YG has been barred from performing at two Los Angeles dates of the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour”, according to a tweet he sent out Friday (Sept. 19).

Apparently, it was the decision of the LAPD.

“Irvine/Hollywood, the LAPD ain’t letting me perform at the #DrakeVsWayne dates today and Monday,” YG wrote. “All that giving bak must don’t matter.”

An LAPD spokesperson told MTV News they had no information on the decision. However, a source close to the rapper tells MTV the order stems from a request from police calling for added security at the concert, due to YG’s appearance — costing up to $120,000.

“We been fighting tooth and nail to get it, we finally got it and now they want to take it away,” the source said. “YG has a professional team around him.”

The source also noted that at two recent YG shows — one in Orange County, California, and another at Budweiser’s Made In America Festival — as evidence of previous and peaceful performances in the area.