Dr. Dre and Dawaun Parker

It’s been years since fans first heard that Dr. Dre has been working on an album called Detox. However, over the years, it’s been a running joke as to whether it’d ever see the light of day or not.

Well, a producer within the Aftermath camp says Dre continues working on the mythical album… but it’s no longer called Detox.

“The album he’s working on is not called Detox,” producer Dawaun Parker says in an interview for the Shot’s Fired Podcast. “He scrapped Detox a couple of years ago and came up with another title. I won’t say what the title is ’cause I haven’t seen that online or anything yet.”

Good news, right? Sort of, but the biggest question remains: will it ever drop?

“The music is there,” Parker says. “I feel like one day, [Dr. Dre is] gonna wake up and say, ‘Today’s the day,’ and put it out. The music’s been there.”