College Football Fans: Are You Ready For #Techgating Season?

Techgating truck

It’s time for college football, which means most of you diehards or students are gearing up for a season of tailgating… but have you heard of #Techgating?

Techgating is what you get when you merge technology and the tailgating culture… whether it be at home, on the go or at the actual game. To “techgate”, you use the latest apps, gadgets and lighting fast connections to enhance your tailgate experience. And… AT&T is leading the charge with a campaign based around the new age way of college football fandom.

The communications giant is encouraging fans to spread the movement by sharing their best #Techgating moments (using the hashtag, of course) on Twitter, via a picture, video or tip. And, by doing so, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a trip to the 2015 College Football National Championship Game.

It’s not just online either. At select games throughout the college football season (see here), fans can visit the AT&T Fan Zone Tour Truck or the Amplified #Techgating Tour Truck to experience the ultimate #Techgating experience — where you can explore current and future #Techgating essentials to win game day prizes.

Techgating with AT&T

The AT&T Fan Zone Tour and Amplified #Techgating Tour Trucks will feature indoor and outdoor activities such as:

  • Pregame Paparazzi: Tailgating is a social experience and Pregame Paparazzi gives fans an innovative way to capture and share memories.
  • Fight Song Mashup: There’s no better way to show your pride than shouting your fight song for all to hear… unless you’re part of AT&T’s Fight Song Mashup.
  • Social T-Shirt Canon: Flock to unlock this game day fan favorite, where AT&T’s network allows fans to control the fun.
  • Social Heat Map: At the game, at home, or somewhere in between, social media allows fans to connect and support their teams wherever they are.
  • Charging Stations: Eco-friendly charging stations use kinetic and solar energy to give fans an extra boost.
  • U-Verse Projection: What’s tailgating without a TV? #Techgating — no heavy lifting required.

For more information on #Techgating and for a schedule to experience the AT&T Fan Zone Tour at a school near you, visit Also, stay tuned for our own list of the best #Techgating tips, as you enjoy the season… as well as some other cool updates… possibly a giveaway? (hint, hint)

#Techgating post brought to you by AT&T

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