Apple’s iPhone 6 Hits Record 4 Million Pre-Orders

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Although tech snobs have criticized Apple for the lack of innovation since the passing of Steve Jobs, the tech giant continues its popularity with consumers.

Since the iPhone 6 reveal last week, customers were out in droves, pre-ordering the next-generation Apple smartphone in record numbers. According to reports, a record 4 million first-day pre-orders were logged, double the number for the iPhone 5 two years ago. So, buyers will have to wait until next month to get them.

Apple says demand has outstripped supply of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which feature larger screens and longer battery life. Deliveries of pre-orders will begin on Friday (Sept. 19) and will continue through October.

When the iPhone 5 dropped in Sept. 2012, around 2 million pre-orders were received the first 24 hours after it went on sale. Then, it sold 5 million in the first weekend.

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  1. Big deal, Apple came out with the iScam 6, rather than build a really great device, they release so so devices with incremental improvements. The lapdog media hypes each version like it was the second coming of Christ, to a gullible public.

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