Q&A: Murs Talks Sunset Strip Music Festival, Discography & Next Generation of Rappers

Mid-City L.A. native Murs is certainly no stranger to the game. The emcee has been releasing music through a variety of groups and as a solo artist since the late 90s. In the decades since, he’s received critical acclaim for his honest and transparent approach to rap, cutting out exuberant materialism and replacing it with the highs and lows of inner-city life.

In short, Murs understands the culture is much bigger than himself and it’s something he wants to share with the rest of the world. Whether it’s helping put together festivals like Paid Dues or the upcoming 2014 Sunset Strip Music Festival (Click here for $79 two-day general admission tickets. Use code: SSMF14MURS), or collaborating with new artists from slept on regions like Curstiss King (Inland Empire), Murs proves it’s all Hip-Hop and it’s all love.

How did your affiliation with Sunset Strip Music Festival come about?

One of the executive team members at SSMF gave me a call on a late Thursday afternoon, saying I know you might say no, but I want you to hear us out. They were incredibly receptive and excited to give Hip-Hop the same presence as other genres this year. That’s what won the idea for me.

What was your inspiration in selecting artists to perform?

I’m a supporter of the culture, first and foremost. I thought of all the acts I would love to see perform, artists who share the same passion for music and who I see playing well off of each other.

What was the workload like in putting this together?

It’s a big project, you know? I’m fortunate to have experience doing this and to be working with such a great team with Juggernaut, SSMF and my team manager.

Any artist you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

Don’t do this to me (laughs). I’m a fan of each and every one of them. My family at home are especially pushing for Dizzy Wright and Fever. Mod Sun and N.O.R.E. always put on a great show from to start to finish. P.O.S is making a return now that he’s healthy, and my man DJ Quik has been a friend of mine for eight years. I really hope to catch all of the sets.

Q&A: Murs Talks Sunset Strip Music Festival, Discography & Next Generation of Rappers

It’s great to see news acts like Pterodactyl Jones performing. How did you link up with Curtiss King?

You know, Ab-Soul always says “stay near the fountain.” The work ethic from newer artists like Curtiss King and Noa James is motivating. I don’t like to be surrounded with people who are comfortable and complacent.

How’s life been like since signing to Strange Music?

It’s nice to find a home and have a fruitful relationship. Strange [Music] is very supportive of what I do.

You have a reputation for championing Hip-Hop as a culture and independent artists.

I live it and want to do my part in proving to the world “hip hop can be peaceful, positive, profitable and fun regardless of where it’s played.”

What’s your favorite record and album you’ve recorded?

Aside from the obvious (9th Wonder), I really enjoyed working with Terrance Martin on Melrose. I also enjoy seeing what my fans react the greatest to. ¡Mursday! is my biggest album to date. As for a record, “Everything” stands out, it sums up my career and the people I’ve met.