Chris Brown

Chris Brown is turning over a new leaf, and is leaving behind all grudges, including his beef with Drake.

After his prison release this summer, the two buried the hatchet… and would go on to shock fans in July, when they appeared together in a skit for the ESPYS in July. This week, as he gears up for the release of his album X, Brown opened up about his former rival, revealing that it was Drake’s camp who approached him about squashing things.

“Especially after getting out of jail, going through whatever I’m going through, I just didn’t have any animosity towards anybody. I’m just focused on me and what I was doing,” Brown said in an interview with MTV.

“I wanted to be able to bring light to the situation and just grow up. I’m 25 and I’m not no getting younger. You can’t walk around holding grudges, looking over your shoulder, being negative all the time. I’m tired of being looked at as the aggressor, so I just wanted to show my maturity.”

According to Brown, the two didn’t even have much of a discussion about their issues… they just moved past them. “We’re young, so it’s not like [we had] a pow wow over tea or nothing,” he said. “It didn’t need to be explained. It wasn’t no problem.”

After making up, he and Drake went into the studio, which made headlines when a photo surfaced in July as well. As far as their collaboration, Brown is unsure where the collabo would end up.