Benzino Wants Conversation With Eminem, Recalls Elliott Wilson Beef


Despite promising to rehash his past beef with Eminem back in 2012, Benzino’s life and career has shifted drastically… and today, he’s leaving those problems in the past.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the former co-owner of The Source, said he hopes that one day he could sit down with Eminem and have a conversation.

“The whole Eminem beef was blown out of proportion,” Benzino said. “As far as I’m concerned, people go at it all the time, but ours was just blown out of proportion. I’m sure people can understand why. But, that’s behind me now. I told him if I ever seen him, I would love to get into a conversation with him, with Marshall. I would love to have some type of conversation. No matter what. What we went through is always gonna be history. Always. He’s an incredible lyricist. There’s no question about it.โ€

Also during the interview, Zino addressed his past issue with former XXL magazine head, Elliott Wilson. When their magazine war was heating up, Wilson said his rival was outta his league in an XXL magazine editorial, written in response to a degrading cartoon The Source published of Wilson. Apparently, heย went to XXL’s offices to confront Wilsonย about the matter… who quickly folded.

“I went up to the offices and seen dude,” he said. “And dude apologized immediately. I don’t want to tell you what took place. Cause it ain’t about incrimination. But I went up there and he actually apologized in front of the whole staff. Had him apologize in front of the whole staff. So, handled that fast. That was fast. That was justโ€”Matter of fact, I walked over to they office … I walked over there. You know what I’m saying? Got on that immediately.”

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