Kanye West

Back in November 2013, Kanye West made headlines numerous times during a string in interviews, in which he went off on the high-end fashion biz for not embracing him. One of the more memorable ones was his sit-down on SiriusXM’s “Sway In The Morning” radio show, where he spazzed on host Sway after he compared his own clothing line failures to Ye’s attempts after breaking into high-end fashion.

“It ain’t no Ralph, though. It ain’t Ralph level,” the hip-hop star screamed, referring to the brand Ralph Lauren as the standard he’s trying to reach.

Well, Style recently explained this to the man himself, Ralph Lauren, who was flattered by Kanye’s words and passion.

“That’s very cool,” he said. “Well, that’s great. If I were to cater to Kanye, he would know that I’m catering to him. The fact that I make what I make — he gets it. He gets the quality and he respects it. And I think that’s the key, why I work all the time is to do that. That’s the fun.”