Robert Griffin III

In wake of the controversy surrounding pressure to change its name, the Washington Redskins have suffered a sharp decline in merch sales in the past year.

SportsOneSource reports that through Aug. 2014, the NFL franchise’s sales were down 43.8 percent, the most for any team in the same period.

Data from, the league’s official store, shows that the Redskins were the 12th-most-popular team in sales last year and are at the same position this year. Other retailers told that they believe the dip is due to the team coming off a 3-13 season and quarterback Robert Griffin III falling out of prominence.

Just a year ago, after RG3’s 2012-13 rookie campaign, he had sold more jerseys in a season that anyone in NFL history. However, from April through August of this year, he didn’t even make the list of the league’s 25 best-selling jerseys.