N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton

The filmmakers of the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton, are calling on fans to join in the production of the film.

On September 18, 19, 22, 25, and 26, the studios are holding a fan casting call to help recreate some of the group’s iconic concert performances. For more info, visit BeInAMovie.com.

Directed by F. Gary Gray, Straight Outta Compton will tell the story of hip-hop’s “Most Dangerous Group,” N.W.A. It will offer the journey of how the young rap group — consisting of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, MC Ren — revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war.

The film is due out August 2015.