Rappers Rocking Levi’s (Photo Gallery)

Iggy Azalea wears a classic Levi's Trucker jacket

Presented By Levi’s

Hip-hop has had a love affair with denim for years, dating back to the inception of the genre. While jean styles have evolved in the past three decades, from skinny to baggy and back to skinny again… one thing has remained constant: Levi’s®.

Run-DMC helped create the signature look of the mid-1980s heavy gold chains with shell toes and straight leg jeans, preferably Levi’s 501’s™; the Beastie Boys cuffed their Levi’s at the bottom, giving a tapered look; and N.W.A. rocked dark Levi’s to match their Trucker Jackets.

Ice Cube even drops the brand by name in the 1988 classic, “Gangsta Gangsta”: “Here’s a ‘lil gangsta, short in size / A T-shirt and Levi’s is his only disguise…”

Things shifted in the early 1990s, when the trend became not just the brand name, but also the size of the jeans. It stayed this way for over a decade, with countless artists wearing baggy jeans, from TLC to 50 Cent and from Tupac to DMX. A duo called Kriss Kross took things a little further for a brief period, when kids began wearing their baggy backwards… and most of the time, they were Levi’s. It was a trend that came and went quickly, but Jermaine Dupri briefly brought it back in 2013, when he attended the funeral of Mac Daddy wearing a pair backward, of course.

While the color palette, the size and fit has evolved, wearing a fresh pair of Levi’s has never gone out of style…and remains that way today.

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