With his Seen It All: The Autobiography in stores now, Jeezy caught up with The Breakfast Club in Atlanta for the first interview since his arrest for gun possession in August.

The interview kicked off with the rap star opened up about the incident, in which an AK-47 assault rifle turned up on hi tour bus before his August 24 concert in Irvine, Calif.

Jeezy was arrested and held on $1 million bail for several days. However, he waited until his whole crew could be released together.

“I’m just such a real person. I just feel like I couldn’t leave them in there,” said Jeezy. “When I stepped in the door, I had bailsmen right there to get me out. I just made it clear that when I leave, we leaving together. Point blank, period.”

He wouldn’t reveal how much it cost to bail everyone out, only saying, “It was some bread.”

“You go through things in life and that’s just what it was. It’s only money, but it was more so about the principle. I wasn’t leaving no man behind.”

The investigation is still ongoing, but the rapper says he and his crew will be exonerated. “When this is all said and done, we’ll be on top. Trust me. I’m 100 percent confident that it won’t be nothing else for me and my team.”