Poll Says Most Fans, Players Think Redskins Name Is Ok

Washington Redskins

Despite all the controversy, a new poll reports that nearly three-fourths of Americans favor letting the Washington Redskins keep their nickname.

ESPN reports that a poll conducted by Langer Research for “Outside the Lines” said that 71 percent (of 1,019 Americans polled) feel the Redskins franchise should keep its name, though that’s down from 89 percent when the question was first asked 22 years ago.

In contrast, those opposed tripled in the past two years. Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of Americans feel the opposite, up from 8 percent in 1992 and up 9 percentage points in the past year alone.

Also, 54 percent of respondents think the name is unlikely to be changed, compared to 42 percent who think it will.

Aside from fans, most NFL players feel the Redskins nickname is ok.

Players were asked a simple question: “Yes or no: Do the Redskins need to change their name?” Of 286 players polled, 167 — 58 percent — said the Redskins should not change their name, with 119 players — 42 percent — saying they should find a new nickname.

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