House of Pain frontman Everlast recently recalled his past beef with Eminem, saying that there’s a mutual respect more than a decade later.

In an interview with ThisIs50.com, the rap legend detailed the old beef, saying it’s left in the past.

“That was a long time ago,” Everlast said when interviewer Jack Thriller brough it up. “10 years later, I think there’s a mutual respect there. We met, and there was an ill vibe, and it just … and we did what rappers do. We talked some sh*t. That’s really all it was.”

Later, he explained where things went left.

“I made a little comment on a Dilated Peoples record, because I went to shake his hand and… the story I heard later is that maybe he didn’t notice I was trying to shake his hand. It kinda got igged, and that’s really the beginning of it,” Everlast said. “I said I didn’t like that very much. I said what I wanted to say, he said what he wanted to say. I said something again, he said something again. It kinda just ended there.”

When asked if he would’ve just punched Eminem if he saw him during their beef, he said not, but added that a physical confrontation might’ve happened, but fortunately, didn’t.

“I would never sucker punch anybody, but if it wouldn’t been like, ‘Let’s go in a room over here, and who ever comes out…’ If that’s where it would’ve been, it would’ve been that,” he said. “Luckily, it never came to that.”

Later in the interview, Everlast talks about his name, why House of Pain went their separate ways, Twitter gangstas, and even tells his craziest groupie story.