Earlier this month, HBO unveiled the first trailer for Season 5 of Boardwalk Empire, which picks up seven years after the previous season (in 1931), just as the Great Depression grips the country. While the plot for the upcoming season is still unknown, the teaser shows that hardship has created desperation, turning former business partners into enemies as they fight amongst each other for scraps.

In addition to power struggles, there will be a lot of blood shed, as Nucky promises in the trailer, “I will not rest until I see you in your graves.”

While anticipation builds, HBO delivered us a pair of exclusive clips, revealing even more to the plot.

In one (above), we see Nucky’s longtime biz partner Chalky White being frisked. While it’s unclear as to why, it seems as though the Atlantic City gangster once again finds himself in a difficult situation.

In another (below), we also are introduced to legendary mobster Bugsy Siegel, seen in this brief clip meeting with Dr. Valentin Narcisse, who runs Harlem.

These clips have us eager to see what the farewell season has in store.

The final season of Boardwalk Empire begins September 7th at 9pm EST on HBO.