Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

Legendary WWE wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been hospitalized since Thursday (Aug. 28), after passing out during a flight en route to Las Vegas.

According to WrestlingInc.com, the 59-year-old was heading to Las Vegas for a promotion when he passed on the plane and slipped into a coma. After landing, an ambulance transported Roberts to a nearby hospital, where he remained unconsciousness for nearly 24 hours.

Doctors said he has double pneumonia and that his lungs are filled with fluid, along with a mass on his brain.

Though he regained consciousness sometime Friday (Aug. 29), word is he’s been fading in and out.

Roberts had battled substance abuse over the past decade, but had turned his life around in recent months thanks to the help of with onetime protege “Diamond” Dallas Page. Roberts moved into Page’s suburban Atlanta home in 2013 and began a rigorous detoxification treatment that Roberts credited with saving his life.

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