Peyton Manning taunts Texans' D.J. Swearinger

The NFL handed down an $8,258 fine to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning on Thursday (Aug. 28) for taunting, reports ESPN.

During the Broncos’ preseason game against the Texans last Saturday’s (Aug. 23), Houston safety D.J. Swearinger delivered a blow to the helmet of Denver receiver Wes Welker, resulting in a concussion for Welker. In response, Manning got into Swearinger’s face following a 29-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders in the second quarter, which prompted the fine from the league.

The quarterback, however, was unapologetic about the taunt. “I accept the fine. It’s money well spent,” Manning told ESPN.

It was the first time in Manning’s career that he had been flagged for taunting.

So far, Welker has undergone tests, and the Broncos don’t believe his concussion is as serious as the two he suffered last season. However, he remains sidelined under the league’s concussion protocol.

After the game, Swearinger said he was surprised his hit resulted in a penalty, but that he tried to make the play cleanly.