Suge Knight

Suge Knight was once the most feared man in the music biz. However, in recent years, he’s been tested several times — the latest incident being at an MTV VMAs pre-party in Hollywood, where he was shot.

Despite the public perception of Knight, before his career in music, he went to college on a football scholarship. His college coach Wayne Nunnely tells TMZ this week that he was the total “opposite” of a thug while playing for UNLV.

He says Suge was less gangsta back then and more of good guy. “Imagine the total opposite of the guy you know now, that was Suge,” Nunnely says.

“Helluva player, one of the most respectful, hard working guys I ever had. One of our leaders, I don’t know what happened when he put his pads down,” he added.

Suge is currently recovering from the shooting, and has reportedly refused to cooperate with police in their investigation.