Tribal x Mister Cartoon 25th Anniversary T-Shirt

Tribal x Mister Cartoon 25th Anniversary T-Shirt

Southern Cali streetwear legends, Tribal Gear, celebrates 25 years in the industry with this collaborative T-shirt with the another legend in Mister Cartoon.

Available in white and black colorways, the tee boasts a design by the Los Angeles tattoo artist, featuring custom lettering that says “Tribal”, along with a “25th Anniversary” badge.

Back in 2010, we spoke to the brand’s founder Bobby, who reacted to Tribal’s 20th anniversary. “I had no idea. I had no clue. It just kinda evolved. It was never a mission,” he said of Tribal’s longevity. “I wasn’t that focused bro. Back then, my brother and me (and later Carl) were just putting out what we liked and people were feeling it. [We started] getting some publicity and just having people support us, like rock bands, hip-hop crews, the low rider scene, the skateboard kids and they were down with it. It just kept moving and growing. T-shirts turned into caps, then into shorts, and pants and so on and so. It just became a whole line. We made a lot of mistakes, made a lot of money, lost a lot of money, and umm, here I am. Here we are.”

The Tribal x Mister Cartoon 25th Anniversary T-Shirt is available at the brand’s online store for $24 USD.

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