50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather

Following his public mocking of Floyd Mayweather’s reading ability, 50 Cent further addresses his former friend in a new interview, saying the boxer also┬ástruggles when it comes to business, despite public perception.

“Floyd is one-dimensional,” the rap model tells XXLMag.com. “The Money Team concept is one-dimensional. We actually started pushing it during the recession. It was cool ’cause his viewership was going up, but it’s not actually the right message for me and who I am.”

Later, he says the general public misunderstood his relationship with Mayweather.

“I don’t hate him,” 50 says. “I love him, actually. Entering the sport of boxing is a reflection of that relationship. He doesn’t make any money away from the sport of boxing. That tells you when he’s done fighting, he’s done period. I just try to encourage him to do things away from the sport…

“People think I get angry with Floyd,” he added. “That’s like my younger brother. So he’ll do things and I won’t necessarily understand why he does it, but it’ll agitate me and I’ll do things in response. Other times I’ll just watch him do something that I think is completely crazy. It’s just who he is. He doesn’t have to make adjustments for me and I don’t have to make adjustments for him. I stopped making adjustments for him. We have one of those love/hate relationships.”

Fif also says Mayweather’s spending habits are not sustainable. “I’ll have to help him when it gets too tough,” he says. “We’ve had conversations about this.”