G-Unit - The Beauty of Independence

G-Unit is back. 50 Cent and company pulled a Beyonce, dropping a six-track digital EP on Sunday (Aug. 25) at midnight, entitled The Beauty of Independence.

The release is the group’s first project since 2008’s T.O.S (Terminate on Site). It includes production from Havoc, Ryan “Ryu” Alexy, Lord Quest, and 45 Music.

The EP follows G-Unit’s reunion on stage at Hot 97’s Summer Jam in June, and a string of remixes.

“It’s clear that the passion for what we do is there because you don’t see the same numbers anymore,” 50 told Billboard. “But it’s even more important that you mean something. For me, when I fell in love with [music], authenticity was everything.”

The Beauty of Independence is available now at iTunes.