First Superman Comic Sells For Record $3.2 Million

Action Comics 1 - Superman

An original copy of Action Comics #1, best known as the introduction of Superman, became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday (Aug. 24) when it sold for $3.2 million on eBay.

The seller, Darren Adams, put the Superman comic up with a starting bid of 99 cents. Less than two hours later, bidding surpassed $1.5 million… and by Sunday, closed at just over $3.2 million. The 1938 issue was touted as the “finest known copy of the most sought after comic book in the world,” carrying a 9.0 professional grade in condition. He also said it had “perfect white pristine pages.”

Just 50 to 100 copies of the rare Superman debut comic is believed to still existence. Superman fan Nicolas Cage previously sold off a copy in 2011 for $2.16 million.

When the June 1938 issue was released, it sold for just 10 cents.

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