Joe Budden

Following the recent allegation that Joe Budden physically assaulted his girlfriend in a jealous rage, the rapper responds.

His rep released a statement, published by XXL, explaining that  the rapper has been cooperative in the investigation and looks forward to the truth being unveiled.

“Mr. Budden looks forward to an opportunity to responsibly deal with and address the allegations against him so he may establish the actual facts of the night in question,” his rep Nima Ameri said. “Mr. Budden has fully cooperated with the investigation. Mr. Budden asks for patience as the evidence and facts unfold to demonstrate the truth of his involvement and the real events that transpired on the night in question.”

Initial reports said Joe became enraged after seeing pics of his alleged girlfriend with another man. So, he tracked her down to a New York City restaurant, dragged her out to his car and beat her severely.

Since the alleged incident, the rapper has received an onslaught of backlash on social media, to which he’s responded … flat-out denying reports.

One of his followers seemed surprised that he even had a girlfriend, to which Budden replied: “I didn’t/don’t.” He also said the reports “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

In addition to abuse allegations, the NYPD’s Twitter feed revealed that Joe is also wanted for robbery. He’s accused of taking the cellphone of a 25-year-old woman (whose name has been withheld) earlier in the week. It’s unclear if the incidents are related.