Johnny Manziel
via Erik Drost / CC-BY-2.0

Following Johnny Manziel’s headline-grabbing middle finger, the NFL has handed down a $12,000 fine for the gesture, aimed at the Redskins’ bench.

The incident took place during the Cleveland Browns’ 24-23 loss to Washington on Monday Night Football (Aug. 18), following an incompletion in front of the bench during the third quarter. After the game, he acknowledged that he had messed up.

“I felt like I did a good job of holding my composure throughout the night, and you have a lapse of judgment and slip up,” Manziel said after the game.

Browns coach Mike Pettine expressed his displeasure with Manziel’s act after the game, saying: “It did not sit well. I was informed of it after the game and it’s disappointing. Because what we talk about is being poised and being focused — that you have to be able to maintain your poise.”