Twista stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this week… on the heels of releasing his latest album, Dark Horse.

During the interview, the Chicago rap vet offered a walk through his history, discussing his fastest rapper title with the Guinness World Records; where his signature fast flow started; his infamous beef with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony; and his rumored Roc-A-Fella deal years ago.

He also talked Kanye, who he worked with on his biggest hit to date, 2004’s “Slow Jamz.” Despite their chemistry on the song, the pair haven’t worked together since, which Twista credits to taking different lanes in music.

“Both of us just … I think we started out one way, but we started to go into our own lanes, musically,” Twista explained regarding ‘Ye. “He went his way musically, and I just went in my lane. We just had two different styles, two different mind states. We grew apart, musically.

“I haven’t talked to him recently, but every time we have a conversation, we chop it up. It’s always good vibes.”

Later, Twista talked Chief Keef, who appears on the deluxe version of Dark Horse on the song, “No Friend Of Me.” When asked what type of advice he gives the young Chicago rapper, he says he doesn’t.

“I don’t really try to school him,” he says. “A lot of these cats, they into what they into and they feelin’ themselves. What I try to do is just, show that positive energy and lead by example.”

Twista’s Dark Horse album is out now.