DJ Skee Quits Radio, Launches DASH Radio

DJ Skee

DJ Skee launched his latest project on Tuesday (Aug. 19), a commercial-free Internet radio service called DASH Radio.

Available now for both iOS and Android, as well as mobile web, the app is the veteran DJ’s attempt to bring back the original feeling of radio… without corporate restrictions.

“Radio was the first social network, the first time people really listened together,” Skee tells Billboard. “We want to bring that feeling back, but with more freedom than what FM and satellite can offer.”

DASH is set to launch with 50 stations — including Strange Music, 1580 KDAY, XXL and Skee 24/7 for Hip-Hop, along with stations for every other genre: R&B, Indie Rock, International, Kids, and more.

The launch comes a week after DJ Skee announced that he was quitting radio.

“To be blunt, I’m just not excited about radio anymore,” he said. “Radio sucks. It changed drastically from when I was kid. Growing up, there was a certain aura and magic to it. I remembered being glued to my favorite DJs and shows every single day to discover the latest music, hear my favorite artists, and be apart of what was truly the first and original social network.”

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