Wiz Khalifa

With Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood album dropping this week, the rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the project and recent headlines.

First, he talks about the theme behind Blacc Hollywood, saying he going for a big production, previously saying he modeled it after classic LPs from Michael Jackson and Prince. “The theme is just really embracing who you are creatively, your own ideas, your path… and there’s a lot of moments that I wanted to capture that are important to me in life. And, make songs that really live that out,” Wiz explained. “I’m aiming it towards making hits, being big, as far as what people will respect with production and writing and that things that go into making an album. I actually got to executive produce this album. I’m just flexing.”

Wiz also talked about his recently issues with Tyga, who pulled out of his “Under the Influence of Music” tour.

“I wasn’t really upset,” he said. “I wouldn’t have anything to say if he would’ve reached out to me personally, but you know how I am. If you ask me a question, I’m gonna answer it.

“That’s my homie. When you’re friends, you gotta be able to say stuff out loud like that. Industry people get this whole cameras on you, social media, stuff like that… no. You got my number, I got your number, we talk, so it’s cool. He knows me as a person, same way I know him as a person. He called me immediately after that, we talked. I expressed myself and we all good.”

LAter, he explains his experience touring with Jeezy, why he and wife Amber Rose’s problem never make headlines, and his Taylor Gang imprint.