Q&A: Damon Williams Jr and Jake Johnson Discuss Let's Be Cops

Some hate them, others love them and some even want to be them. Actors Damon Wayans Jr. (Justin) and Jake Johnson (Ryan) live out everyman’s fantasy in 20th Century Fox’s latest comedy, Let’s Be Cops. After all, what would you do and try to get away with if everyone thought you were a cop?

We recently had the opportunity to attend a panel with both actors and hear their thoughts on the film.

Was it a coincidence you two were cast together?

Damon: We only shot the pilot for New Girls together by the time shooting for Let’s Be Cops began.

Jake: Yeah, we hadn’t worked together too much at that point. In fact, I remember seeing him randomly in L.A. after finding out he left New Girl. I was a little upset, walked past him and didn’t even say hi. (Laughs) In hindsight, I should have said hi.

You guys seem to have a blast in the film and the plot runs smoothly. Were all of the funny tongue in cheek moments scripted?

Both: Thankfully our director allowed us to periodically improv throughout. It proved critical and allowed us to be our ourselves and really live out our characters.

How much differently were you treated while dressed as a police officer?

Damon: Well, we were on set most of the time and everyone around us was in on the joke.

Let’s Be Cops is now playing in theaters nationwide.