Since its Thursday, here’s some throwback news about the late Tupac Shakur.

In recently released interview from 1995, just a week after the rapper’s release from prison, Pac tells journalist Chuck Philips he recorded his classic double-album All Eyez On Me in a week-long  binge… and revealed that none of it was written during his 11-month incarceration.

“I been in the studio since the day after I got out,” Tupac says in the audio. “I got out Thursday, I been in here since Friday … about 12 hours a day up until they kick me out. It be dark and everybody gotta go to sleep, people be passing out, so I’m like, ‘Okay, I guess we gotta go home now.’ So then we go home, come back early in the morning and do it again. I think we broke a record this time for any recording. I’m trying to do my album in less than a week, so I can call my album 7 Days. But if I change the title I might do a couple more songs.”

Pac also says the songs on the album were in direct response to his public detractors — including C. Delores Tucker, who had a strong stance against gangsta rap in the 1990s; and senator Bob Dole.

“This album is a reaction to the backlash from C. Delores Tucker, Bob Dole, all those people that kept sweating me about the music,” Pac explains. “Now, I feel as though this album is something for them to sweat. Before my album wasn’t even bad and they was calling me a gangster and just messing up my whole credit line and ruining my reputation. Look at my songs. On the first album, ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby.’ On the second album, ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ On the third album, ‘Dear Mama.’ Where is the killer music? Where is the make-a-kid-wanna-jump-off-a-bridge sh*t? I just don’t see it. So now, this album, I didn’t try to make any ‘Dear Mama’s,’ any ‘Keep Ya Head Up’s,’ I just came straight with dealing with my own anger. I’m doing this just for what the music is [to vent] my anger. Getting everything I wanna say out since I can’t express myself in any other way. Plus, I was locked down for 11 months, so I gotta lot of stress and pressure to get up off my chest. I think I did it on this album. That’s why I stayed in the studio… I wrote only one song in jail. Everything else I wrote while we sat up in here drinking Budweiser. After the Budweiser is gone, we have a song usually. With Daz, Johnny J, and I’m about to do one with Sam Sneed right now.”

On the heels of his signing to Death Row Records, Tupac admitted that he didn’t have any other options. “There wasn’t nowhere else to go, no one else wanted to take me but the Row,” he said.