Remy Ma Explains Transitioning Back Into Society, Prison Life

Remy Ma

Remy Ma’s homecoming takes her to SiriusXM’s “Sway In The Morning” radio show to further discuss life in prison and after, but most importantly, her music.

First, she discussed how she’s been able to easily transition back to into society since her release.

“Some people say, ‘Oh, you’re institutionalized.’ It’s not that,” Remy explained. “Being incarcerated, and for a lengthy time period, it takes a toll on everything. You’re constantly depressed, you’re constantly stressed and you’re constantly watching your back. Sometimes people that have never had mental problems in their lives, they get on OMH meds, mental health meds, and when they re-intergrate into society, they can’t adapt anymore, because they’ve been sheltered for so long. They’re no longer the same person. It’s degrading. You go through a lot of things, where people are purposely trying to break you down. It’s the purpose of it.

“Me and my case, I had a very strong support system,” she continued. “Not just my family and my friends, but my husband was ultimately super supportive. When I first got there, [Papoose] came up, literally, every single day for the first year I was there, visiting from like 8:30 in the morning ’til 3:30 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday… and which ever weekend my visit alternated on. So, when you have that support system that keeps you in tune with the world and keeps you sane, it’s easier for you to come back and be how I am now.”

Remy also talked about forging bonds with women she was locked up with, saying “It literally pains me to know that they have to stay there when I left.”

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