Paul George Is Now “PG-13,” Changes Jersey Number

Paul George

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is expected to be out for the season, as he recovers from injury, butΒ when he does return, he will wear a different number.

According to, he applied for a number change back in March and was granted the right to switch from #24 to #13. However, as per league rules for a player to change jersey numbers on the same team, George will have to buy up all remaining #24s from the marketplace.

Apparently, the idea came from ESPN’s Bill Simmons, who first mentioned the idea on Grantland last year.

“I have some advice that will help Paul George become a household name,” Simmons wrote. “He should change his number immediately from No. 24 to No. 13. Here’s why … can you think of anyone being helped by a nickname more than Paul George suddenly becoming PG-13? ‘Uh-oh, PG-13 is heating up!’ ‘Warning, this game contains strong language, violence and a possible heat check!’ ‘We might have to make this performance rated R — it’s too hot to handle!’ Let’s make this happen already.”

In January, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, George was asked about the suggestion… and he liked it. “That’s got a ring to it, PG-13,” George said at the time.

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