Newcastle Werewolf Blood-Red Ale

After a successful run in 2013, Newcastle is bringing back its popular Werewolf Blood-Red Ale this fall.

The concoction is similar to the nocturnal man-beast that serves as its namesake. After opening the bottle, it mysteriously transforms — starting out smooth and mellow, then transforming to a bitter bite.

Newcastle Werewolf features a seasonal palate — including sweet berry fruit with roasted caramel notes up front, followed by a bite from Fuggle and Golding hops at the finish. It is brewed with rye malts, making it naturally blood-red in color, and is 4.5 percent alcohol by volume with 23.4 International Bittering Units.

Newcastle Werewolf Blood-Red Ale will be available in 6- and 12-packs for a limited time, from August through October.