50 Cent

50 Cent sat down with the Wall Street Journal this past week, where he discussed the success of his SMS Audio line.

First, he explains how high-profile investors Timbaland and Carmelo Anthony become involved, and why those partnerships were important.

“It’s the things we’ve been doing for a long time without being conscious of it,” explains 50. “Like the major companies — Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini — they don’t make car commercials because music culture has been their commercial. For all that time, we take those things and create the music videos that would constantly have it have representation to the general public without them spending the marketing dollars.”

Later, Fif and partner Brian Nohe revealed plans to announce a partnership with a major tech company, and the possibility of a future acquisition or merger.

“There’s certainly enough room for major players [in the premium headphones category],” says Nohe. “The industry is evolving to really look at the delivery system, the headphone device, the iPhone or Android, and they’re starting to see these things as an ecosystem that you work with. So, yea, there’s plenty of room.

“We’re working with a major technological company and soon to announce a very major new product.”