Keith Murray

New York rap legend Keith Murray stopped by The Breakfast Club this week for an episode of “Throwback Thursday,” as he celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut album The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World.

During the interview, he recalled various stories from his past, including a confrontation with Tupac over LL Cool J’s 1995 song, “I Sot Ya”, which he’s featured on. The song was released months after Tupac was shot at Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, so according to Murray, Pac thought the song was about him.

The song wasn’t about him, but when they crossed paths at the House Of Blues, Pac approached him about it.

“We did the song ‘I Shot Ya.’ So, around that time I was hanging out with Biggie a lot, and Cease and them,” explained Keith Murray. “We went to the House Of Blues. I seen Tupac… I seen him, peace, at the House Of Blues. We was walking around. Then one of his homeboys came up to me like ‘Yo, my homeboy wanna know if you was talking about him in a song.’ I’m like ‘Who you talking about?’ It was Pac. I said ‘I just seen Tupac. He didn’t say anything to me.’ Rest in peace to Tupac. I love and respect Tupac to death. I’m not talking bad about Tupac or nothing like that. It’s just an incident. So, he came up. Walked up and he was like ‘Nah, I just wanted to know because we had — I got shot five times. You know what I’m saying? In New York, so I thought n*ggas was talking about me’… I can understand why he did that… We was squaring off. Everybody had knives on ’em. But, we diffused it and it was peace after that.”

Fortunately, the incident with Pac didn’t get physical, but issues with Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and Damon Dash didn’t end so peacefully.

Also in the interview, Murray explains what happened in both incident, saying he had Prodigy running from him and Damon Dash getting hit in the eye with a bottle.