Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo took to Twitter last Friday (August 1) to address the claims made by Onyx’s Fredro Starr last week that he had both Yayo and 50 Cent running from him during a past altercation.

During Onyx’s sit down with The Breakfast Club in NYC last week, Fredro reluctantly addressed a past incident with 50 Cent, who had previously claimed he smacked him. “N*gga tried to swing on me,” Fredro says. “N*gga missed. Straight up… Him, Tony Yayo, all them n*ggas ran. And I don’t gotta front, n*gga.”

Despite his claims, Yayo denies that ever happened.

“Fredro Starr said he had me running I was locked up when 50 smacked the sh*t out em the industry,” the G-Unit member wrote.