Beats x Apple

Following Apple’s acquisition of Dr. Dre’s Beats brand in late May, the tech giant welcomes the company with 200 layoffs… mere hours after announcing the official closing of the deal.

After nearly three months of litigation, Apple has finally cleared its final hurdle with the European Union and successfully completing its buyout on Monday (August 4).

According to Mashable, Beats brought over 700 employees on payroll, but the proposed plan will reduce its staff to 500 over the coming months. Jobs being cut will primarily be in human resources, finance and support positions.

“We’re excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee,” the statement read. “Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can another permanent job within Apple.”