NFL's new player-tracking system

The NFL is taking a step into the future with the forthcoming implementation of new technology that will offer deeper stats into the game.

According to USA Today, the league is set to roll out the initial phase of a tracking system that will allow fans to view a wide range of statistics about their favorite players — including speed, routing, distance traveled, and separation.

Each player will wear two small sensors under the shoulder pads, which will track the players’ movements throughout the game.

Via partnership with Zebra Technologies, the system will be rolled out in 17 stadiums to start — including Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis and Washington.

“For those of us that are coaches from our couches, we’re like, ‘Oh, come on! That guy was open!’ Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t,” Zebra’s Jill Stelfox told USA Today. “If we know closing distance of a defender and an offensive guy, you can really know whether that hit would be made or whether he really could’ve made that play.”

The data can be enhanced and used for television presentation, says the report. And, down the line, will be used as part of an app or second-screen experience for an undetermined cost.