Kanye West Tops GQ’s “21 Best Albums Of The 21st Century”

Kanye West

GQ recently delivered its picks for the 21 best albums of the 21st century… and it’s Kanye West’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, topping the list.

According to the mag, any of Ye’s seven albums could’ve been #1 on their list, but calls …Fantasy his “titanic achievement”.

“It could’ve been any one of the seven albums West released this century, as fascinating a catalog of celebrity, triumph, love, loss, terrible puns, pretty decent puns, that was ever f*cking put together by a single artist,” writes GQ. “MBDTF was just the record where he talked about all those things at once — a portrait of a man seizing the spotlight, drowning in it, and then somehow finding a way to turn that harrowing experience into art. Anybody who wants to be famous or make music for a living — or do both at the same time — should be forced to listen to MBDTF first. The rest of us are free to enjoy it for the bloody, hard-won, titanic achievement that it is.”

The Strokes’ Is This It LP (2001) lands at #2 on the list, Outkast’s Stankonia (2000) at #3, Daft Punk’s Discovery (2001), and LCD Soundsystem’s Sound Of Silver (2007) rounds out the top 5.

Other notables include: Ghostface Killah’s 2010 album, Supreme Clientele; Jay Z’s The Blueprint; and J Dilla’s 2006 effort Donuts.

See the full list at GQ.com.

  1. lolololololol what a wack ass list hahaha haha hahaha
    1) mmlp
    2) black album
    3) surpreme clientele
    4) blue print
    5) get rich or die trying
    6) the documency

  2. lolololololol lolololololol that list is the wackiest most white boy list ever is Kanye paying gq or something? he has no top 10 21st century album
    real list
    1 mmlp
    2 black album
    3 surpreme clientele
    4 blueprint
    5 get rich or die trying
    6 the documency
    81 mbdtf

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