Michael Carter-Williams

The NBA introduced a measure this month to reform the draft lottery, and the Philadelphia 76ers want to the fight the changes… because it would effect them the most, reports ESPN.com.

The league’s goal is to balance out the lottery odds so the worst team or teams wouldn’t have the highest chances of landing the top pick, sources said.

The way it works now is the team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance of landing the top pick and the team with the fifth-worst record has an 8.8 percent chance of winning it. With the new format, the bottom five or six teams could have an equal chance.

The plan’s rough draft has been met with opposition by 76ers management, which is in the midst of a multiseason rebuilding project that is dependent on a high pick next year. The 76ers hope the NBA will delay the plan’s implementation for at least a year.

However, the NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver won’t likely support the 76ers, because the team’s planned tanking of the season has caused a drag on revenues in one of the league’s largest markets and has upset some other teams, sources said.