Johnny Manziel
via Erik Drost / CC-BY-2.0

Since being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in May, reports have surfaced about the franchise being concerned over Johnny Manziel’s off-field antics… including sightings of the young quarterback around the country partying.

On Friday (July 25), the 21-year-old admitted that he’s made “rookie mistakes.”

“At the end of the day, I’ve made some rookie mistakes,” Manziel said, according to ESPN. “There were some things I wish I could have gone back and done a little differently.”

The Northeast Ohio Media Group, citing an anonymous source, reported Friday that the Browns were “alarmed” at a photo of the quarterback rolling a $20 bill in a Las Vegas bathroom.

Both Manziel and first-year coach Mike Pettine both declined to comment on the photo. “I’ve talked about that with Coach Pettine, talked about it with [general manager] Ray Farmer and the people I need to talk about that with,” Manziel said. “Moving forward they’re good with everything and I’ve told them everything I need to and everything’s been good.”

Although he admitted mistakes, Manziel also defended his right to go out and enjoy himself in the offseason. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me going out and having a nightlife and a social life,” Manziel said. “I’m 21 years old, and it was the offseason and it’s free time for us.”

Manziel will start training camp as the backup… and will need to earn the starting position.