Michael Jordan's $33 Million Contract

During his NBA career, Michael Jordan broke a number a records — including the record $33 million contract he signed with the Bulls in the late 1990s. It was the most valuable single-season contract in the league’s history… and it has now hit the auction block.

The actual contract, which Jordan signed for the 1997-98 season, was his last with the Bulls who won their sixth championship and second three-peat. Alongside Jordan’s signature, and initialed by him on each of its 24 pages, it’s also signed by Jerry Krause, former Bulls general manager, and Irwin Mandel, the man in charge of the Bulls’ finances.

It’s currently on the auction block by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, which runs through August 1st. As of press time, the highest bid sits at $45,000.

According to ESPN.com, Jordan’s $33 million contract would translate to around $49 million in today’s dollars.