Remy Ma Talks Prison, Nicki Minaj, Return To Music

Remy Ma

Just days away from her prison release, Remy Ma checks in from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, calling into Angie Martinez’s show on Power 105.1 on Monday (July 21).

Despite her time incarcerated, she says she’s still the same Rem. “I can’t say that I was one of those people that went to prison and I had this dramatic life change and I had this newfound outtake on life,” Remy said. “In a lot of ways, I’m the same.”

She did make sue of her time though, earning her associates degree in sociology, married Papoose, and had plenty of time to reflect. “I grew up a lot and I look at things a lot differently,” she explained.

Remy Ma also reconciled with Fat Joe. She says the two spoke, shared laughs and reflected on the past. “It was a really, really dope conversation,” she said.

As far as her music, the rapper says she’s hungry and it won’t be fair for her competitors. “I am so alive,” said Remy. “This is gonna be unfair.”

Below are highlights of the interview.

On her marriage to Papoose: “After six-and-a-half [years], it’s kinda serious. You gotta respect that. That’s official. … He’s an official dude. Nobody can ever front on that.”

On Fat Joe: “That was one of my epiphanies that I had. I was like, ‘OK, now I see why he wanted to kill me.’ I understand that. … I can never hate him. I’m the type of person that if I ever loved you, even if you make me mad, I’ma love you to death. I’d never be able to stand there and watch somebody do harm to him.”

On signing a new deal: “I didn’t want to sign anything as major as a deal from [prison]. A lot of things have changed since I’ve been gone, so I wanted to come home.”

On female rap: “I’ve always repped for the chicks or whatever, but I can stand next to the best of the dudes that’s out there. That’s what I intend to do again.”

On Nicki Minaj: “Nick has always been a supporter and vice versa. I like what she does. She’s done wonderful things for females, but I just wish there was more of them. I don’t know what they’re doing letting these guys take over.”

On her reality show: “They’re making me do it. I keep telling them no. It’s too real.”

  1. She states she has not changed during this incarceration then discusses hoe much she has evolved and matured… I dont think she understands the meaning of the word change.

  2. I was locked up.with her in.bedford amd remeber many ass whippings she got in the yard over spades game she aint all that tough and I got many old.prison mates to confirm.that

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