Don’t you hate it when you don’t have service and can’t send a text or make a call? Well, here’s a solution. It’s call goTenna.

It’s a small, rugged device that pairs wirelessly with your smartphone to allow you to send text messages directly with others even when you don’t have service — no cell towers, wi-fi or satellites needed.

According to the company, goTenna works anywhere on the planet, is free of subscriptions or fees, and best of all, your communications remain private.

Here’s how it works. First, you need to connect wirelessly to your goTenna, which needs to be within 20 feet of your phone. Then, you use their the company’s free app to type out a text message or share a location, which is then sent out, via long-range radio waves, to the recipient’s goTenna(s) … within range (up to 50.5 miles).

goTenna is currently available as a special pre-order price of $149 USD per pair. After the special discount sells out, the price will be increased to $299 USD per pair.