Nightclubs and entertainment venues pop up and fizz out with assured regularity. Like the restaurant business, it can be difficult to remain open in an industry where there is competition on every corner. Even possessing the qualities of the most successful nightclub owners may not offer a guaranteed win. It is often just a matter of timing and providence; however, charisma, a substantial amount of money and influential connections can provide a solid foundation.

Some of the most exclusive nightclubs in the country are in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas. In fact, the top-earning nightclubs in the U.S. reside in Sin City with the top-earning generating upwards of $80 , according to While it may appear that the life of a successful nightclub owner is filled with parties, parties and more parties — it is true that there are pleasurable aspects to owning a top nightclub, like the celebrity patronage, the acclaim and the access to other great parties —  the truth of the matter is that there is also hard work. The life of a nightclub entrepreneur is teeming with commitment and determination to make his ventures the place where everyone wants to be.

Nightclub owners want their nightclub to be a local hot spot. They want to attract wealthy clientele, especially high-profile celebrities. In order to have a chance at success, a nightclub must have something that sets it apart, such as an ironic name, exclusivity, beautiful women, fresh music, well-known DJs and a celebrity spotting or two. Andrew Sasson, a nightclub entrepreneur, has recently decided to bring all the glamour of fashionable nightclubs to Las Vegas. In fact, Andrew Sasson’s Twitter will give you a glimpse into the life of a nightclub owner on the move.

A nightclub owner’s life is filled with exciting possibilities. Once he has gathered the amount of capital he will need to open, then it is time to begin planning opening night. He may want to start with a soft opening to evaluate the target clientele. After a few nights, the owner should get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Then he is ready for an impressive grand opening. The nightclub owner may want to market his nightclub himself; however, it is more than likely he will hire a marketing team and leave himself time to design the next big thing and keep his clientele entertained. Some club owners use a novelty to draw people in. For example, a club owner might hire attractive acrobats to serve the customers. Another may have the largest dance floor in the area. Still another may advertise a unique atmosphere.

Either way, the owner is ultimately responsible for finding the right marketing ploy that makes him and his nightclub successful. The life of a successful nightclub entrepreneur includes taking dinner meetings at some of the finest and most exclusive restaurants, throwing lavish parties to attract the best clients and making sure that each client feels valued, whether a celebrity or a wealthy customer looking for fun. While it’s not for everyone, and it takes a lot of work, the fringe benefits are fantastic.