Jeezy Explains Fallout With Freddie Gibbs

Young Jeezy

Following his signing to CTE in 2011, Freddie Gibbs appeared on a number tracks with Jeezy and joined him on tour, but the relationship went sour… leading to the Indiana rapper’s departure just over a year later.

After his CTE exit, Gibbs began dissing, but Jeezy has remained relatively silent on the matter. This week, however, the Southern rap star finally opened up in a new interview with Elliott Wilson for his “The Truth” series. Essentially, Jeezy says he could no longer afford to fund the rapper’s music career with his own money… and when they discussed the situation, he says it ended on a cordial note.

“To be honest, it could have,” he said, when asked if his partnership with Freddie Gibbs could have worked. “I put him on a song with Eminem. I put him on a song with T.I. I put him on numerous mixtapes that I had. I took him on tour. Took him around the world. I spent money on videos that he didn’t use ’cause he didn’t like em. And… it wasn’t his money. So, at the end of the day, my whole thing was to him was ‘I took you to every label in the game. They don’t wanna sign you. I don’t have no reason — I love you. You know what I’m saying? I think your music is dope, but they don’t want to sign you.’

“So, at the end of the day, when I called him up, I was like ‘Yo, I can’t really spend my money on you. I got family, other sh*t I gotta take care of. So, I’ll help you all I can, but I can’t fund it anymore.’ Cool. Conversation went well. We got off the conversation, it was straight, love. I hear diss records. What I’m supposed to do? I’m not replying to that. N*gga, we getting money… At the end of the day, we all tried. It didn’t work. That sh*t happens in business all the time.”

While it didn’t quite work with Freddie Gibbs, Jeezy says he’s willing to provide advice to up-and-coming artists.

“Just like me as a cat that’s been in the game, I like to deal with the people that really believe in who they are,” he explained. “August [Alsina] believes that sh*t he does. He really carries that around with him. Everything he does. He like ‘F*ck it.’ You know what I’m saying? But that’s how he is. I love that. Cause that’s how I am. And I got so much slack for being that in the beginning because it’s like they had the most problems with the labels. With the radio. Just different sh*t. So, I like to give a little guidance. Like ‘Okay, this is how you gotta do it. This is what you gotta say. This how you gotta plan.’ ”

Also in the interview, Jeezy discusses how everything came together with YG and helping guide him to where he’s at today, as well as his upcoming album Seen It All, which drops September 2.

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