Yung Joc

Back in 2006, Atlanta rapper Yung Joc was among the top artists in hip-hop. He had a smash single with “It’s Goin’ Down” and was the face of Diddy’s Bad Boy South imprint, helping him land on Forbes’ “Richest Rappers” list.

While landing on Forbes’ radar seems like it’d be quite the accomplishment in someone’s life, but for Joc, he says it turned out to be “the worst thing that could have ever happened” to him.

In an interview with VladTV, he says landing at the #20 spot on the mag’s list, and listing his income that year at $10 million, a lot of people become upset with him… because they wanted more from him, including family.

“That was the worst thing that could have ever happened for me,” Yung Joc said. “That Forbes list sh*t. You had people who may have come to me and ask to borrow $1,000. And, where I was able to give them $1,000, after that sh*t came out, n*ggas was hitting me like: ‘Damn my n*gga, I asked you for a stack. You could have gave me 10.’ What? You know what I’m saying? People was looking at it like ‘Damn, you been short changing me all this time. Damn, my n*gga, you asking for deals and sh*t. You asking for me to show you some love and give you the hookup. And you made 10 million?’ It made people really upset with me, dog. I never seen no sh*t like this in my life.

“It’s almost like when Dave Chappelle did that skit on the show of his self,” he continued. “And he went in to get a haircut and it was like $1,000 for a haircut. Everybody was overcharging ’em because they knew he had did that 40, 50-million-dollar deal… Even family started looking at me differently. Like, ‘Damn, you ain’t did nothing for me and you made $10 million?’ It was just the worst thing ever, Vlad.”

As the interview continued, Joc detailed how he was able to earn $10 million in the span of one year, saying touring brought in a lot of cash.

“By the time ‘It’s Going Down’ had took off I was on like two, three tours at one time,” he said. “Going to a city and you do a daytime show for some kids and these people pay you $20-25,000. And then at night you do the arena for the adults… and you talking about you look up and I’m getting $30,000. It’s like $50,000 in one day. You do the math. It really wasn’t hard. But just as fast as the money was coming, the money was going because you still had to promote yourself. I feel like that’s why I was successful the way I was. I ate a very long time. I’m still eating. I get publishing checks monthly, quarterly. You know what I’m saying? So, it wasn’t hard.”