House Of The Infinite By Alberto Campo Baeza

House of the Infinite by Architect, Alberto Campo Baeza

Architect Alberto Campo Baeza shows off his latest work, in the form of a newly designed structure in the beautiful city of Cádiz, Spain, dubbed the “House Of The Infinite.”

The inspiration behind the property was to create a piece of landscape architecture that would compliment and merge with the beach’s cliffs that edge near the shore. Under 12 meters of solid Roman Travertine rock lie two living spaces, each 20 meters wide and 36 meters deep. To give even greater stability to the structure, the designers incorporated all of the terrain behind the home leading up to the street.

The upper level of the building includes a living room with a circular skylight overhead and a covered balcony in front, which leads to a simple kitchen with a large dining area. The bottom floor of the residence accommodates a series of bedrooms, positioned on either side of a communal central space that leads straight out to the beach.

Once outside of the home, guests are greeted by the sea where the Atlantic Ocean unites the new and the old continent. Click here to see more.

“We wanted this house to be capable not only of making time stand still, but to remain in the minds and hearts of humankind. The house of the infinite.”

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