California-based mobile accessories brand, Trident, recently expanded its Electra Series with a new line of wireless chargers and cases, all using Qi inductive charging technology.

The series comprises five wireless chargers and two Qi-capable cases — including the Trident phone case, compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S IV; the Dual or Single Wireless Charging Pad; a Wireless Portable Power 4000; and Wireless Charging Cup Holder.

The phone cases work alongside each wireless charging item, allowing users to quickly charge their devices with ease by simply dropping it on the pad or inside the Cup Holder without the hassle of wires. Each features a sleek, lightweight outer-framework that encloses the device and provides protection, alongside a self-applicable screen protector.

The Dual Wireless Charging Pad boasts a soft-touch polycarbonate top, where you place your device directly upon. It has enough room to charge two devices at once, plus a convenient media stand that allows angling at 20 degrees and 45 degrees, while anti-skid feet keep the charging pad in place. The Single Pad has the same capabilities, but in a smaller, compact design.

Trident’s Portable Power 4000 gives you the ease of wireless charging on the go. The portable charger comes equipped with a rechargeable 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery and an LED light to indicate the mobile device’s charging status.

And finally, the Charging Cup Holder offers the convince of wireless charging inside your vehicle, coming in a circular shape to fit inside most standard in-vehicle cup holders.

The Trident Electra Series charging pads range from $45 to $80 USD, while the cases are $40 USD. The full product line is available at the brand’s online store.