Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden

Shady Records’ Total Slaughter battle event went down at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom Saturday night (July 12), with headliners Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don going toe to toe.

In the end, it was veteran battle rapper Hollow Da Don taking the “W” in a bruising series of rounds.

During the winners’ set, Hollow went after Joe’s highly publicized issues with women, naming Gloria Velez and Tahiry and past accusations that he had physically abused them.

“I kinda figured that, with Tahiry, the way he be treating her / spreading her business on social media / even beating her,” he rapped, before telling officials to stop his battle clock and getting in Joe’s face.

“Beating her, my n*gga? Yo, stop my clock,” Hollow demanded. “You ever hit a woman in your life, I’ll f*ck you up you f*ggot. Do that sh*t in front of me, you p*ssy. Beating on women, you bitch ass n*gga. You’re a f*ggot. You hit a woman, I’ll f*ck you up.”

When it was Joe’s turn in the last, the venue filled with boos, to which Budden replied: “If ya’ll don’t stop booing I’m gonna stop rapping.” The Slaughterhouse emcee kept his promise too, laying down the microphone before being granted extra time to finish his round.