Ja Rule

Fresh off the release of his biography, Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Being a Man, Ja Rule stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the new book and some of his most publicized controversies.

During the radio interview, the NYC rap vet explained why he chose to wrote about his issues with 50 Cent, saying it was part of my lifestory.

“For me, the book is definitely closure,” Ja says. “I’m not gonna be talking about it no more. I had to put the stories in there… [because people would be like] ‘Why didn’t he talk about [50 Cent]? Why didn’t he talk about Superhead?’ … It’s my life story. I gotta tell my story. It’s in the book.”

As for Superhead, in the book, Ja Rule says he and his label used her as a sexual pawn, pimping her out around the industry.

“I talk about her in the way that we met her and know her. It was evil… what we did, but we used her as a pawn in this game of music,” the rapper said. “She basically prostitued herself for Murder Inc. I dunno… is giving head a prostitute?”

Also in the interview, Ja talks Lyor Cohen, religion, and everything in between… which is in the book.

Ja Rule’s Unruly book is due out July 1st. Get your copy at Amazon.